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With Neural Opt, you are in good hands. Our team of Japanese SEO experts excels in surpassing global competitors, effectively enhancing your sales and profits. Through data-driven strategies and compelling copywriting, we convert traffic into tangible results.

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Unlocking Success
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Why do you need Japanese SEO experts? That is because Japanese contains many synonyms and abbreviations, making keyword selection, a critical component of SEO strategy, require native-level understanding. Additionally, the subtle nuances of Japanese mean that content writing must be handled by Japanese to maintain credibility.
That is why you are in good hands with us, with our Japanese SEO experts.


Data-driven SEO Ensures
High-Certainty in Results

Unlock the power of statistical-based SEO with our advanced approach, where every decision is rooted in rational, data-driven analysis.
From rewriting evaluations to effectiveness measurements, we optimize your strategy to deliver results faster than ever. Our foundation began with a team dedicated to analyzing search engines, spearheaded by our founder. Today, we leverage cutting-edge tools like BERT, a leading large language model, to assist in content writing and more, positioning us at the forefront of global technology.


Driving Profit Growth
with Japanese Market Appeal

Are you effectively communicating with your Japanese customers?
Simply attracting traffic isn’t enough – effective communication with Japanese customers is crucial for sales conversion. While many SEO agencies focus solely on driving traffic, we differentiate ourselves by prioritizing brand building and copywriting. Our approach ensures that not only does traffic increase, but it also translates into sales through conveying the appeal of your products or services to Japanese consumers.

The difficulties of Japanese SEO
that we can handle

Machine translation is insufficient
for the Japanese language.


Machine translation tools like Google Translate and ChatGPT often fall short with Japanese due to its subtle nuances.
Given the limited training data, these tools struggle to capture the intricacies of Japanese sentence structures and phrases accurately.
Consequently, tasks like keyword selection, content creation, and effective marketing require the involvement of Japanese professionals. Our expertise allows us to manage these complexities with precision.

Abundance of critical Japanese-specific search phrases


Japan features a range of unique search phrases that users likely to convert often use. For instance, phrases like [“Product/Service” オススメ] and [“Product/Service” 口コミ] are commonly searched. Our expertise in identifying and leveraging these specific phrases allows us to deploy effective SEO strategies tailored for the Japanese market.

Localized backlink building strategies required


When targeting a specific country for SEO, it is crucial to acquire backlinks from local sites. This means that for effective SEO execution in Japan, it’s essential to understand the types of websites that exist locally and which ones are most efficient for gaining backlinks. We have established unique backlink acquisition strategies for Japan ( because we are Japanese SEO experts! ), enabling us to effectively implement external SEO measures.

Needs insight-driven communication
to convert Japanese consumers.


Gaining website traffic is often just a step towards encouraging purchases or sign-ups. Without understanding Japanese consumer behavior and crafting the right message, increased traffic won’t convert to actual sales. Our expertise in strategic communication and branding ensures that we convert visits into valuable actions.

We are SEO Specialist in Japan.
Please feel free to ask us anything.

What we can help you with

Localized SEO Strategy for Japan

Leveraging our deep understanding of Japan as Japanese, along with our proprietary SEO tools developed through advanced statistics and machine learning, we craft intricate strategies.]/_

Keyword Research in Japanese

Keyword selection for Japanese SEO is challenging—except for Japanese. The complexity comes from abundance of synonyms and abbreviations, demanding a nuanced understanding. Well, this is effortless for us Japanese.

Content Creation for Japanese

Using ChatGPT for article writing? It’s the worst approach. Japanese nuances are incredibly delicate, and articles written solely by ChatGPT can be instantly recognized by readers. Of course, we are experts in SEO writing for Japanese, so it’s a breeze for us.

Link Building in Japan

Link building is one of our specialties. We utilize link-building strategies unique to Japan to enhance your website’s domain authority.

Brand Communication for Japanese

Even if SEO efforts bring traffic, it’s meaningless if products or services don’t sell. To sell something, it’s crucial to build a brand that people perceive as good. We create brands that sell, thoroughly grounded in Japanese insights.

SEO Audit

Before we start working together, we’ll perform a SEO audit so thorough that it puts all your previous SEO audits to shame.

How we deliver the results

Thoroughly analyze your website.

If you already have a website, we start by thoroughly analyzing its challenges. When deploying SEO for Japan, there are specific points to be especially careful about.

Research your niche.

While considering the delicate nuances of Japanese synonyms and abbreviations, we select keyword groups. Of course, we focus on those that have a significant impact on profits for your business, not just on gathering traffic.

Create a game plan.

Next, considering your business goals, we create a custom SEO strategy. A strategy is a choice of where and when to allocate resources for the objective. Let’s move to the top in the shortest time, following the right strategy.

Review and scale.

Once the strategy is set, it’s time to start execution. We report on how things are progressing weekly and thoroughly discuss how to improve.

Plans & Pricing


1500$ / month ~

Contract Period

6 months ~

Recommended for

Small Businesses
Mid Businesses


3000$ / month ~

Contract Period

6 months ~

Recommended for

Enterprise Businesses
EC Website

Content Writing

150$ / 1 article

Order Quantity

3 articles ~

Delivery Format

or Google Docs

Our Experts

Yuri Suzuki

CEO / Consultant

Kazuma Komiya


Nayung Sung


Yuki Furuya

Data Scientist

We are SEO Specialist in Japan.
Please feel free to ask us anything.


Case Study for an App & System Development Company

Client Overview

A BtoB company specializing in contracted development of no-code apps and systems.


To acquire leads from potential customers interested in app and system development.

Site Feature



Despite having published nearly 200 articles, most content was technical and did not reach potential customers interested in app development.

The website also lacked effective navigation, leading to low conversion rates. For instance, the contact buttons were randomly placed, and there was no system to track button click rates, making iterative improvements difficult.


Initially, we mapped the customer journey using Kotler’s 5A model, thoroughly identified potential keywords their potential customers would search for, and pinpointed high-conversion probability keywords.

We focused content creation around keywords like “ノーコード アプリ 開発(app no-code contracted development)” and “ノーコード マッチングアプリ 事例(no-code matching app cases)”. We redesigned the website’s navigation based on the customer journey to streamline the path from site visit to making contact.

Additionally, we refined their homepage appeals and redefined their corporate branding, identifying their market, target segments, the challenges their target faces, and the benefits they can offer through creating a Brand Equity Pyramid.


After implementing these strategies, traffic increased more than 400%, and conversion rates improved by almost twice, substantially boosting lead acquisition, meeting the initial objectives.

Case Study for a Large Database-driven Website

Client Overview

A company operating a large database-driven website.


To increase traffic for a newly launched website and generate advertising revenue.

Site Feature

Database-driven website.


The rapid increase in page numbers was outpacing Google’s ability to crawl and index the site. Additionally, there were potential keywords that had not been fully captured.


To improve site crawling, we implemented two strategies.

The first was enhancing the crawl budget, which is the maximum number of pages Google crawls on a site. We did this by acquiring backlinks from relevant and authoritative sites to increase our site’s domain rank and the assigned crawl budget from Google.

The second strategy involved optimizing how the crawl budget was used, such as improving page load speeds and implementing XML and HTML sitemaps.

For indexing improvements, we addressed the issue of many pages being seen as having high duplication by Google. We increased the uniqueness of each page by adding necessary elements and providing unique information on each page.

For uncapitalized keywords, we prioritized high-value keywords and created virtual pages specifically to target these keywords.


These comprehensive measures led to a 500% increase in traffic compared to the start of our consulting. This increase in traffic significantly boosted advertising revenue.


How long should we expect to see results?

It depends. The time it takes to see results can vary based on several factors such as your previous SEO efforts, domain authority, the speed of implementing strategies, and the level of competition. On average, it may take about a year, though some sites could take as long as two years.

Are reports provided in English?

Yes, we provide our reports in English.

Can you implement changes on the site in addition to providing SEO consulting?

Yes, we also offer website development services. By contracting our production services, we can handle both SEO consulting and the implementation of improvement measures. We can assist you comprehensively.

Can we also engage your services for internet advertising along with SEO?

Yes, we can manage both advertising for short-term results and SEO for long-term, sustainable outcomes.

Can we discuss a discount for multiple site services?

Yes, we can offer discounts when coordinating multiple sites simultaneously. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us.

We are SEO Specialist in Japan.
Please feel free to ask us anything.